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Virtual Test Driving Is on Expansion Course

IPG Automotive establishes subsidiary in Tokyo (Japan)

Virtual test driving is more and more used by numerous OEMs and suppliers to assist in the development process. With the increasing use, IPG Automotive GmbH, whose simulation solutions can deal with the challenges in the whole V process of vehicle development, is also growing. In June, IPG Automotive founded the subsidiary IPG Automotive K.K. in Tokyo in order to be even more present in the vital Japanese car market.

The managing directors of the subsidiary company are Mr. Masanori Kobayashi, 45, and Mr. Steffen Schmidt, 35, who is simultaneously also managing director of IPG Automotive GmbH. Mr. Kobayashi, the direct contact in Tokyo, already has a lot of experience in the automotive industry. starting his professional career at Nissan Diesel / Nissan Motors, Mr. Kobayashi worked in the research and development division of Honda. In 2001, he gained a lot of experience in HIL systems at ETAS K.K. (Bosch Group). After ten years, he moved to AVL Japan K.K. There, he was responsible for AVL InMotion powered by CarMaker and other areas, including the interfaces with the CarMaker product family. Mr. Kobayashi remembers his overall impression: "On several customer projects, I got to know and appreciate the products from IPG Automotive very well. I have discovered many features and applications that are unique on the market. Therefore, I would like to contribute to the further growth of the company and the awareness of the products." open integration and test platforms from IPG Automotive can be used throughout the development process of a vehicle. Due to new technological developments, a higher number of components and a high variety of test and security costs in the development phase are steadily increasing. The virtual test driving can support the real test driving significantly and reduce costs, as insights into the function of components to be tested in the overall system are possible even before the first prototype. With the subsidiary company, customers and partners in Japan will get the opportunity to quickly and directly receive local support.

Managing Directors of IPG Automotive K.K. – Steffen Schmidt and Masanori Kobayashi

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