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Scenario Editor: Efficient Generation of Scenarios

IPG Automotive develops tool designed for scenario generation in virtual test driving with CarMaker product family

The software and hardware manufacturer for the automotive OEM and supplier industries, IPG Automotive, has developed the Scenario Editor, a powerful tool for the simulation solutions of the CarMaker product family. The editor enables the fast and efficient generation of realistic scenarios for virtual test driving. With the innovative tool, the Karlsruhe-based company has strengthened its products especially for the areas of driver assistance and automated driving in which the high-fidelity representation of the vehicle’s surroundings are constantly gaining in importance. The Scenario Editor will be available in the upcoming release 6.0 of the CarMaker product family.   

Karlsruhe, March 14, 2017 – The CarMaker product family by IPG Automotive offers open integration and test platforms for virtual test driving. These allow for the fast and efficient generation of realistic scenarios, thereby optimizing the entire vehicle development process. The Scenario Editor, which is included in the release 6.0, enables the virtual generation of scenarios with varying levels of detail depending on the individual use case. With the tool, generic scenarios can be manually created and configured. In addition, it facilitates the processing of imported real-world roads from map or measurement data obtained in the real environment.

The Scenario Editor comprises a multitude of functions for quick, purely manual scenario generation. Complex traffic situations can be created precisely without further expenditures and test scenarios thus be generated that are both generic as well as realistic. To this end, the focus is on the easy definition of road networks and the comfortable configuration of scenarios with static and dynamic objects via drag and drop. Any changes to the scenario can be supported by graphics, making this process easy to implement and comprehensible for the user. The manual generation of scenarios stands out due to its high flexibility and a low initial investment.

For the import of real-world roads into scenarios, the ADAS RP interface of the CarMaker product family can be used. This enables the export of road networks including traffic signs, road markings as well as traffic lights from HERE maps. In the Scenario Editor, road users and static objects such as buildings or vegetation can subsequently be added. For an even more precise representation of reality for specific cases of application, IPG Automotive also offers the possibility of recording detailed, large-scale real-world road networks by means of different measurement technologies in cooperation with its partners. The data is subsequently processed to be used with the CarMaker product family. If required, previously obtained measurement data of dynamic traffic objects such as vehicles or pedestrians can also be integrated into the real-world road networks. Thus, in addition to the road networks, real road users as well as their movement patterns are available in the test scenario.  

Thanks to the diverse range of approaches to scenario generation that the CarMaker product family offers, the vehicle’s surroundings can be generated in a shorter space of time and at lower costs. Driving functions can thus be efficiently tested early on in the context of the whole vehicle taking the environment into account, even without real vehicle prototypes.

The Scenario Editor of the CarMaker product family by IPG Automotive enables the fast and efficient generation of realistic scenarios for virtual test driving.

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