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One Step Ahead with Virtual Test Driving

CarMaker release 6.0 already provides for RDE directives for emission tests in virtual test driving

Karlsruhe, August 30, 2017

Up to now, there have been – in some cases wide – discrepancies between the actual emissions of a vehicle and the values measured on the test bench. As a consequence, a new EU regulation will take effect in September requiring the pollutant emissions of vehicles to be measured under real-world conditions and not merely in the laboratory. The test method “Real Driving Emissions” (RDE) is supposed to ensure more realistic test conditions and will measure the real exhaust gas emission performance of passenger cars in daily driving. Since the release 6.0 in April 2017, the software solutions of the CarMaker product family by IPG Automotive have offered support for the development of vehicles and propulsion systems with regard to RDE optimization. Realistic and reproducible emissions measurements can be taken in virtual test driving early on in vehicle development, thus cutting down on real on-road test driving.

The Euro 6 regulation that is currently in force defines a maximum emission of 80 milligrams of nitrogen oxides per kilometer for diesels, while gasoline-powered vehicles may not exceed emissions of 60 milligrams per kilometer. From September, these values will also apply to vehicles on the road, multiplied with a conformity factor of 2.1, which will be lowered to 1.5 in 2020. For the studies required in advance, test vehicles will now be measured with portable emissions measurement systems while driving on roads. However, the conditions in public traffic vary. The behavior of the driver, the traffic situation, the route profile as well as the weather have an impact on the results. These one-off values thus obtained are not reproducible. In addition, an RDE measurement drive takes considerable time and therefore involves significant costs and effort. Likewise, there is often a limited availability of real test vehicles which include the up-to-date hardware that serves as the basis for evaluation.

By integrating the solutions of the CarMaker product family on the test bench, consumption and emissions can be measured realistically in various scenarios using simulation and real test driving. This allows for RDE cycles, for instance, to be driven on the engine test bench in any stage of development as well as an individual adaptation and automated testing of all factors impacting emissions. “Real RDE tests can thus be reduced significantly which, for vehicle development, primarily entails high cost efficiency. In addition, tests with significantly more individuality and flexibility under constant and therefore comparable real conditions and influences become possible in the simulation,” explained Jochen Petters, Business Development Manager Powertrain at IPG Automotive.

The release 6.0 of CarMaker and TruckMaker already includes a sample test route around Karlsruhe, Germany, which corresponds to the new RDE legislation. Of course, the import of other national and international routes by the user is also possible. “With the latest release of our software products, we are well-positioned for the upcoming requirements within the scope of the RDE directives and offer our clients the perfect basis for comprehensive tests with full repeatability and flexibility in virtual test driving,” said Jochen Petters.

Specially developed for test bench operation, the Dyno Interface enables the use of the open integration and test platform CarMaker on engine and powertrain test benches as well as chassis dynamometers – safe, user-friendly and in real time. Here, closed-loop tests are conducted in virtual test driving with the system under test. Real-world driving including the driver, vehicle and road is thus transferred to the test bench with reproducibility and automation throughout the entire development process. The Dyno Interface is available for test benches as well as automation systems of various manufacturers.

With the software solutions of the CarMaker product family virtual test drivings and reproducible emission measurements of RDE-optimized vehicles or powertrains can be carried out at an early stage in vehicle development in order to minimize real-world test drives. (c) IPG Automotive

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