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International Growth in Virtual Test Driving

IPG Automotive is strengthening its global position and establishing even more subsidiaries in Asia and the USA

As the solution provider for virtual test driving, IPG Automotive is expanding to provide the best possible support for international clients. Following the foundation of the Japanese subsidiary IPG Automotive K.K. in 2014, IPG Automotive’s presence in the Asian market grew, and sites were opened in China and Korea. A subsidiary was also founded in the USA.

Karlsruhe, March 17, 2016 – The increasing complexity of the development process has led more and more automotive manufacturers and suppliers to use virtual test driving to aid in the development process, as it keeps the volume of development work under control and saves time and costs. As the provider of simulation solutions, IPG Automotive is pursuing a strategy of internationalization in order to be right on the doorstep of clients around the world. The company headquarters will remain in the German city of Karlsruhe.

With its growing presence in Asia, IPG Automotive is recognizing the increasing importance of the Asian market. Independent subsidiaries are being formed on the basis of longstanding relationships with clients situated in the region. The medium-sized company from Karlsruhe aims to market its simulation solutions directly to clients and guarantee them the best support locally. Following the foundation of IPG Automotive K.K. in Tokyo in 2014, the first site opened in China last year. Under the leadership of Xiao Huang, the company operates under the name IPG Automotive (Shanghai) Ltd. and serves the Chinese market. IPG Automotive Korea Ltd., the third Asian subsidiary, was founded on March 8, 2016. Managing director Changhoon Nam is responsible for representing the interests of the solution provider for virtual test driving in South Korea.

In addition to Asia, the IPG Automotive GmbH strategy of internationalization extends to the North American market. The provider of simulation solutions is increasingly active in the USA and the company presence is growing as a result of the foundation of another important site, the subsidiary IPG Automotive USA, Inc. The company based in Michigan is lead by Carl Squire.

Managing director Steffen Schmidt (second from left) with the managing directors of the Asian subsidiaries (f.l.t.r) Masanori Kobayashi, Changhoon Nam and Xiao Huang

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