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Improve Efficiency with Virtual Test Driving

IPG Automotive releases 5.1 software on the market

Karlsruhe-based IPG Automotive has further optimized its CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker simulation solutions for the automotive and supply industry. With the 5.1 release, the experts for virtual test driving are offering a wide range of new functionalities for applications in vehicle dynamics, driver assistance and powertrain. Additional interfaces increase openness, and many other new features – including in the areas of 3D visualization, test management, and vehicle models – ensure increased efficiency throughout the entire vehicle development process.

Karlsruhe, March 3, 2016 – The growing number of vehicle variants and powertrains, further system integration and higher requirements for safety and comfort are just a few of the factors that increase the effort and costs involved in development and testing. With its open integration and test platforms CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker, IPG Automotive has many years of experience in providing innovative simulation solutions that make it possible to manage growing complexity and ensure efficient vehicle development despite demanding requirements throughout the entire process.

New interfaces offer even more openness
With version 5.1, users of the CarMaker product family for Office and HIL applications can now benefit from a wide range of additional features and improved user-friendliness. The new interface with GT-SUITE from Gamma Technologies expands on the characteristic openness of IPG Automotive’s product portfolio and enables direct integration of GT powertrain models into CarMaker.

Expanded functions for 3D visualization and Test Manager
In version 5.1, 3D visualization in IPGMovie includes both horizontally and vertically mirrored views, for example for use as a rear view mirror in driving simulators. In addition, IPGMovie boasts the option of synchronizing visualization with the simulation data display of IPGControl. The functionalities of Test Manager were also thoroughly expanded: The newly developed Test Configurator makes it possible to automatically generate test variants, thereby filling test catalogs considerably faster. An additional programing interface allows Test Manager to be controlled remotely using scripts. The vehicle models and the road model of the CarMaker product family offer further new features in the 5.1 release: By optimizing the algorithms in multibody systems, IPG Automotive has significantly improved simulation speed and resource efficiency. The redesigned interface to ADAS RP makes it possible to export road networks in the ROAD5 format, facilitating the quick set-up of complex road topologies in CarMaker.

With these and many other innovations in version 5.1, IPG Automotive provides its customers with an even more powerful tool for the model-based development and testing of control units, vehicle systems and complete vehicles in every phase of development – even before a real prototype exists.

With version 5.1, users of IPG Automotive’s CarMaker product family benefit from mirrored views in the 3D visualization IPGMovie, for example for use as a rear view mirror in driving simulators.

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