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Successful Completion of the Joint Research Project on Vehicle Safety at Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences, Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

<b>January 31, 2016 marked the successful completion of the joint research project HiPe-FiS (“High Performance Functions and Efficient Testing Methods for the Improvement of Integrated Safety”). Over the past three years, Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences (THI) has collaborated with IPG Automotive GmbH, Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH and the automotive supplier Continental to conduct research on innovative functions and corresponding test methods for improving vehicle safety.</b><br>

HiPe-FiS focuses on common, dangerous accident scenarios, with the goal of expanding standardized crash and vehicle safety tests to include new information from real-world accident situations. During the project, accidents involving embankments or crash barriers were identified as particularly significant scenarios and subsequently analyzed and simulated. For the first time, the simulations not only considered the behavior of the vehicle, but also the behavior of the driver, in order to study specific preventative measures that could better protect passengers in precisely these situations.<br><br>

As improvements in vehicle safety generally lead to a growing number of electrical components and an increase in system complexity, another goal of the project was to ensure and improve the reliability of the systems and functions. As part of HiPe-FiS, new, simulation-based testing methods for camera-based driver assistance systems were developed in parallel to the safety functions. A special reference sensor system, which uses data from a laser scanner to test and evaluate camera systems, was also created, facilitating improved reliability for associated functions such as the detection of pedestrians.<br><br>

The success of HiPe-FiS is built upon the many years of experience of its collaborating partners as well as their specific and complementary expertise in the areas of laser scanner technology (Ibeo), vehicle dynamics and environment simulation (IPG Automotive), integral vehicle safety (Continental) and sensor data fusion (THI). With the results of HiPe-FiS, Ibeo and IPG Automotive in particular have established an edge in innovation that will allow them to continue to develop their products and succeed in the competitive international automotive market, thereby ensuring Germany’s leading role in this field. Continental is working on further developing real-world safety functions and integrating them into a demonstrator vehicle. Integrating active and passive safety systems helps to avoid accidents or reduce their consequences and the risk of injury by ensuring that environmental information and interconnecting signals are effectively combined. For Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences, the results are an important contribution towards the development of an innovative comprehensive safety system. With the help of integral and cooperative safety functions, such a system would improve traffic safety significantly. Corresponding test methods and processes are also being studied that would make it possible to transfer these systems into practice. In the medium term, the research and testing center CARISSMA is expected to be-come a leading center for applied vehicle safety research both in Germany and worldwide.<br><br>

The three-year project with a total project volume of 2.3 million euros was funded in the amount of around 1.5 million euros by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the project number 16N11564K as part of „KMU-innovativ: Information and Communications Technology (IKT),” a program that supports innovative SMEs.

HiPe-FiS consists of three closely related sub-projects

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