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A powerful package

IPG Automotive makes CarMaker/HIL compatible with National Instruments hardware

IPG Automotive, the leading provider of simulation solutions for the automotive and supply industry, has once again shown its innovative strength. The open integration and test platform CarMaker/HIL can now be used in combination with the widely-used PXI platform for measurement and automation systems by National Instruments (NI), a US software and hardware manufacturer. The new integration options offer PXI users unlimited use of all features offered by the CarMaker product family for vehicle dynamics, driver assistance and powertrain applications. The result: a powerful and user-friendly package for virtual test driving.

Karlsruhe-based IPG Automotive continues its proven strategy of openness by opening the CarMaker product family for National Instruments hardware. As an integration and test platform, CarMaker offers a host of options for the virtual testing and optimization of individual vehicle components, vehicle systems and overall vehicles across the entire development cycle in the overall system – from model and software-in-the-loop to hardware and vehicle-in-the-loop.

The new system solution is characterized by the option of quick and user-friendly integration of the PXI platform with CarMaker/HIL and a seamless exchange of data between the two components. Both LabVIEW, National Instruments’ system design software, and VeriStand, the software environment for configuring real-time test applications, can now be used in combination with CarMaker. IPG Automotive’s product portfolio also contains PXI-compatible I/O modules for extending NI hardware.

This allows users to rely on the familiar CarMaker user interface for parametrizing models and analyzing their behavior, both during the preparation phase and during simulation, as well as using the proven test automation by means of the Test Manager. IPGMovie’s on-line animation supports this process by visualizing the vehicle’s overall status throughout. At the same time, the LabVIEW and VeriStand user interfaces can be accessed, so that all functionalities of all of the tools involved can be used without limitation. The I/O hardware is integrated and controlled using tried-and-tested mechanisms by National Instruments, which allow access to all available input and output signals from the CarMaker simulation. External models of various development environments (MATLAB, GT, etc.) can be integrated – even as FMUs – using the CarMaker Model Manager. Switching between the different models happens at the click of a button, with no need to recompile the application, repeat downloads or restart the application. This makes for smooth and efficient working processes.

Users of National Instruments hardware now benefit from being able to use all the features offered by the CarMaker product family for vehicle dynamics, driver assistance and powertrain applications.

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